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 wMEPThe second day of the Competitiveness Faculty workshop began with the session Meonlyby Prof. Michael E. Porter on the historical development of the competitiveness research and implementation of the concept.  He emphasized the need for data and empirical research in the recent years and how much effort has been spent in the past two decades.  I appreciated the effort that has been made to prove the effectiveness of the model even more so,  as I realize how overwhelming the task must have been. (We thought about doing similar research in Japan several times, but every time the  magnitude of the data collection has overwhelmed us!) 

  The next session by Karen Mills, of U.S. Small Business Association, was very intresting as you can see that the model is now being implemented at  the  Federal level.  She discussed the importance of stimulating SMEs for the job creation/economic development and the mechanics of making them happen through various competition and initiatives. 

  Then two sessions followed, one which explaned EU policy and the other which introduced the concept of  Entrepreneurship in the clusters. Both were informative as updates as I have been exposed to the past research in these two areas. 

 During working lunch, two things took place, one of which was a big surprise for me.  The first part was the announcement of the student team report competition.  As I was one of the three judges this year, I read all of 13 reports and was familiar with them all. The winning report on Biocluster in Israel was very well done and I learned a lot from reviewing it.  

  The second part was a big surprise.  Prof. Porter announced that MOC (competitiveness course as it is called at HBS) Affiliate Network Hall of Fame for the first time.  To my happy surprise, I was one of the four who were inducted to the Hall of Fame!  I received a certificate and felt extremely happy.  The other two (one was absent) were all my friends and I was delighted that we shared the honor.   There will be a plaque with my name on it at HBS!   I was almost overwhelmed with the honor, as many people came to congratulate me. 

 On my way back to NYC, I felt the significance and honor of this event.  I am so privileged to be given the opportunity to teach Competitiveness course from  early years.  Because of my involvement in this course and the work with Prof. Porter’s team, I have been given even more opportunities to do many new things, for example,  for the World Economic Forum, Innovation Lecture, etc.   I have been exposed to much  broader world through this network.  December 14, 2010 has become such a memorable day for me.

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