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IMG_7636 On Wednesday, after the Summit 2015 was finished, I was invited to the workshop to discuss new competitiveness index. I have been involved with Global Competitiveness Report and happened to be invited. (My flight from Abu Dhabi back to Tokyo was Wednesday night, so I accepted the invitation.)
It was held at YAS links and some 30 people were there. After the introduction of the plan for updating the index for the next Competitiveness report, we discussed measures/items in the first breakout session. The report back from each of the breakout groups was quite interesting as any suggestions were made.
In the second breakout, we focused on Innovation, which, to me, was more interesting. Innovation is the area where many things are evolving and at the same time, increasingly important as the measure to assess competitiveness of the country.  The challenge is how we measure output etc. though all of us realize how important the item of Innovation is. (I believe we may have discussed environmental and social items few years ago in the similar informal workshop style.)
I have realized again the need to use measures to track the development(i.e. we need some continuity), and at the same time, to renew/revise to reflect the reality. I also thought we need to clarify the position of reports published by many different communities of the World Economic Forum. We do have many reports and it is important to make it easier for people to access the ones they need easily.
It was a good opportunity for me to think about the importance and difficulty of measuring innovation.

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