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I reviewed final exam of the Competitiveness course written by 30 students.  The exam consists of three questions –one based upon the case study handed out the day early, another asking the implications of the global trend (found in the case study) to any of the materials covered in the course or student’s midterm report, and 3) what changes in behavior/actions would result from taking the course.

I found responses to the questions 2) and 3) very interesting.  The students discussed how recent development such as accelerated growth of emerging economies, technological and logistical innovations etc. would affect clusters, countries and or companies.  Their choice of the subject and their insight into various aspects of the subject gave me a lot to think about.

Their responses to the question 3 were even more interesting.  The responses reflected  what were “their” take-away from the course and what impact the students think they would have on “their” behavior.  I particularly liked a variety of responses, some beyond my imagination.

Right after the exam, one student commented that this is the type of question which requires more reflection and thinking, rather than the answer to one of the questions of the final exam.  I partially agree with that and hope that this type of question will stay with them and make them think more broadly about their career and their life than just the job they get right after the graduation.

All in all, the course has given me a lot to think about and I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity.

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