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 This afternoon, on my way from post office, a gentleman called my name.  I did not recognize him first, but when he took off his mask, I realized it was one of the business executives I was with yesterday!  It turned out that he lives nearby (i.e. we are neighbors!) and we talked briefly.  I wondered how he recognized me as I was wearing a mask, baseball cap and polo shirt (looking super casual!)

Now that everybody wears mask doe Covid-19.  I have had some difficulty recognizing people’s faces and sometimes understanding what they are saying.  I heard that face recognition system is available which can function for the people with mask, It is a new lifestyle we all need to get used to.

As I was thinking about mask and face recognition, I recall the conversation I overheard at the small Okonomiyakli place I went in Osaka few days ago.  It was a small counter only place (I really did not want to go to the place crowded with people!) and the other guest was a lady who seemed to work in hospitality business-bar, snack etc.  She was talking about how difficult to tell people’s mind when they wear masks.  She was explaining her struggle to stay hospitable to customers with masks to the owner of the Okonomiyaki place.  I found their conversation very interesting as I could tell how difficult to read people’s mind when they wear masks.

It seems that we will continue wearing masks for some time due to Covif-19, and I wonder how our communication style may change.

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