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It is now the time of the year many commencement takes place at many universities other than Japan.  Many commencement speakers  including the President Obama give advice to graduates.  One of the most famous ones is the one by the late Steve Jobs at the Stanford University commencement.

As I was checking the tweets, I came across with rather interesting podcast on Financial Times.  It is called “Listen to Lucy” in which she says the following.   “Many commencement speakers tell the graduates to go out and change the world to a better place.  But reality is that there are many graduates coming back home to live with their parents, as they do not get the job. ”  She continues, “Getting a job of any kind is better than not having one.”

She concludes that the graduates need a dose of reality and that they need not change the world.   I believe her message is that they need not be  led to believe that they are the one that will change the world!”    It does reflect the reality, doesn’t it.  Here is the link to the podcast.

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