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Last week had offered me so many interesting opportunities to meet with new people and to get exposed to different topics/field. Sometimes it was too overwhelming as there were so many inspiring moments (and boring moments), and I was quite exhausted with events day in and day out.  I often talk about my motto of life– If today is the same as yesterday and if tomorrow is the same with today, the life is SO boring-which still holds.   Every day last week, however,  was so unique in its own way and left many things to think.

Here are  a few comments/remarks/takeaways I found interesting.  Some impressive and inspiring remarks are: “Work until we become successful.” “Try something completely different from what I have been used to..” ” Driving force is to pursue what I like. but it can change.”   “I have no specific goal, I pursue what I like. “My only concern/criteria is whether I am better today  than I was yesterday.” “If my performance does not get appreciated properly, I will leave.” vs. “It is much easier to follow somebody else’s suggestion.” “I participate when somebody else initiates.” “We will try what has worked before. as issue is somewhat similar to what we had before.”  “Things have NOT really changed.”

It was quite interesting to see such a contrast before my own eyes.  I felt strongly that I want to join and remain in the first group (though it could be quite exhausting as comfort and growth does not co-exist.)   No matter how uncomfortable it may get,  I want to write my own story, and live my own life, rather than somebody else’s. Busy and somewhat too eventful, but inspiring week that has given me a lot of energy.

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