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planet-in-darkAs Donald Trump will be the next US President,  there are more uncertainties around the movement of people, and entry into the US etc. In fact, there seem quite a few people seriously thinking about moving out of the US. Top 3 candidates are Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, according to the podcast I heard this morning.
Rather than worrying about the limitations of the international movement of people in the future, let us use this opportunity to invite people to the place you know well. This is the concept behind our #43 of Davos Experience in Tokyo scheduled for Friday, December 9.
We want you to develop an idea to host the people to have unique experience only YOU can offer at YOUR place, AND offer them at auction. (Remember we held experience auction in February? . I offered few  items including several days in British Columbia.-see photo.)
14996426_1295333583833664_605974553_n-1FullSizeRender (96)This time, you can take them to the Ideathon held at certain place you know to brainstorm some ideas for new start-up. If they like what they see there, they may move and start the business and you can be a partner!
Before the US election result came in yesterday, I was thinking conventional idea such as taking my guests to the place where I spent in high school days (“sentimental journey”), but now inviting future entrepreneurs may be a good idea!
We will have a guest from Airbnb whose corporate vision is “Live there, Book unique homes and experience like a local” to share with us their plan/idea of hosting. Details and registration is here.

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