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detbarDai & RofeAs I informed few times, this Friday, June 26, we will have Dai Fujikura, music composer, as our guest at #27 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. I longed for “live music” when we discuss contemporary music, and asked.
We are fortunate to have two musicians -M. Yoshida for Clarinet and Y.Hosoi for Cello, each playing one piece by Dai Fujikura.
I believe you may not have too many experiences of listening to contemporary music live, so I would like as many of you to join us this Friday. For details of the session and registration, check this link.
Tomorrow evening, June 23, NHK Symphony Orchestra will play two of Dai’s pieces at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Infinite Strings which was world premiered recently in New York City and Rare Gravity, the piece that won him Odaka award the second time will be played. Conductor is Pascal Rofe.(Photo above of Dai & Rofe)  For details of the concert and ticket, check this link. To my great regret, I will NOT be able to make it to the concert as I have a dinner appointment they set to fit my schedule (then!). If you have time, please go to the concert and share your impressions with us on Friday, June 26.

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