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This morning (Japan Time), I joined the show BBC Business Matters with Jamie Robertson presenting and Ralph Silva of Canada as the other guest.  (Here is Jamie’s tweet.) Communication was smooth  this time as many tests were done beforehand, unlike few recent crises.

As it is  live, we get stories last minute (in my case, early morning our time) and today, I missed some of the details about the stories as I mixed up the names of the people in charge and did not check the notes,  when I was in the very crowded rush hour subways in Tokyo early morning  on my way to studio. All I did was a bit of research, for example about pet market etc, , but not much.

We talked about the two co-founders of Google stepping down from Alphabet (this came in just before the show), entrepreneur’s mindset (I said something about what I see among the start-ups in Japan), reaction/interest in impeachment in the US, US-China trade issues. We also discussed the growth of pet market in many parts of the world (I was asked about pets and made some excuses not to have one!), university/business collaboration along the discovery of neurons, etc.  Last item was the most streamed music, which revealed which generation I belong to! (Guess what I said!)  I am grateful for the opportunity to join the show, despite being nervous when on air and realizing some “alternative facts” I mistakenly mentioned after the show.  Here is the link to the show.

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