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 As I am leaving ICS, Hitotsubashi in two days and joining the faculty of KMD, Keio, I have undertaken a major clean-up of the office and my study at home.  All left at my office at ICS (until March 31) are books which I made available for anybody to pick up, and my office at KMD is in good shape.  My study at home which looked as if it were bombed before with  many papers, boxes, books etc. scattered on the floor is in good shape. You can see the photo of my study which is being cleaned up and the one with the floor!  I realize that the pair of photo does not quite show the mechanics of the boxes etc. which has been sorted out under good system. 

  I decided to take the opportunity of career change and office move as the ideal occasion to clean up, so that my study (and in fact my office) looks more like the one by Kashiwa Sato of Samurai.  (His office is my dream office!) 

SoHO1aftersoho  As it is cleaned up and now I can see the floor, I feel that I can think more clearly. (It could be wishful thinking, but makes me feel good! So why not?)   I am almost done, but I need one more push to get things into the system so that my study and office stays that way over the long run.

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