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efc3d0_50d5917d9d304a24b1a011ac0be025c3There will be “Density concert” (and talk) by Claire Chase, flutist and Dai Fujikura, composer on Tuesday, December 15 in Tokyo.  This event is organized by El SistemaJapan. I have known this organization and Mr. Kikukawa for some time, and Dai is a very good and such talented young friend. I have not heard  Claire yet, but she is a 2012 MacCarther Fellow, which is a very distinguished award given to talented young people.

Dai&meDai has been conducting composition workshop in Soma City in the past and so has Claire, as a part of El SistemaJapan project.

This particular concert is with mini-talk by Claire, Dai together with Mr. Kikukawa.  I wish I could come, as I am very interested in this type of project. Unfortunately I will be out of the country then. For details and tickets, please follow this link.(It is in Japanese, so you need a friend who can navigate you.) Density

Claire and Dai will be performing Orchestra version World Premier of Dai’s piece in Nagoya on Dec. 11 and Dec. 12 with Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra (where Dai is a composer in residence.)   (Now I am trying to see whether I can go to Nagoya on Saturday.rt where Claire performs orchestra version world premier of Dai’s piece with Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra on Saturday, Dec. 12). For Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, check this link.

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