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As last year, I go to the Circuit training exercise class held at nearby Sports center every morning except Sundays. I am hooked with the Circuit training as it gives everybody a different set of exercises (mainly training of the CORE) at each station.  It is also flexible as there are a variety of weights and bars depending upon each person.  If you have injuries, the instructor will suggest alternative exercise not to hurt the injured part.

I like Circuit training because it keeps every participant busy doing different things.  It is also good as you can learn exercise at the next station from the person ahead of you.  You can also ask the instructor if you are not sure how to do the exercise.  Often, the instructor comes to you to give you tips if you are doing something wrong and/or give  you a lot of encouragement.

We do the circuit usually twice or so with aerobic exercise (jogging, biking etc.) in between.  By the end of the class, everybody is obviously quite tired. (I am exhausted as the level of exercise here is much higher than what I am used to in Tokyo!)  It is funny, however, to hear that people say, “Now I can have a cocktail or two near the lake or at the top of the mountain without feeling guilty!”  How true!  We start the day RIGHT, so we can do some evil things!  What a nice way of starting the day!

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