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Christmasmass As last year, I went to the Christmas Eve Celebration at the hotel near where I am staying.  It is the celebration organized by Christian Fellowship for hundreds of people.  We sang Christmas carol to the band, some people talked about their Christmas memories and we remembered the meaning of Christmas.  It is a nice casual event I enjoy.

 It always reminds me of my highschool days as we sang Christmas carol and Messiah at this time of the year.  It was so impressive and so inspiring that I feel that my love for music in general started around that time.  What you experience when you are young makes a big impact on how you enjoy life.

 Christmas is such an important event for the people in the U.S.(and other countries) that we see many attempts and initiatives for those who have no families to celebrate with and those who are away from home (in particular, those who serve the country in distant places such as Afghanistan).  Christmas dinner is a big event and families often invite friends who are away from home.  I was invited to many family dinners when I was away and felt at home.  (In fact, I will go to the family dinner tonight, as last year.) (Photo is  of the crowd at the church during Christmas mass.)

  The feeling I had when invited to the family dinner like a family member on many occasions and the open and kind attitude of the people in the U.S. at this occasion makes me feel confident of the basic positive attitude of the people here. I believe those who have had similar experiences share my impression. Merry Christmas to all!

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