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 On Christmas Eve, I went to chamber concert as a part of Christmas Spectacular. It was held at the ground floor of the shopping mall. Many people were gathering to hear familiar Christmas songs. Christmas has a special meaning to many people and it was nice to hear familiar songs. (After that I went to see 3D Star Wars-the Last Jedi! at the theatre nearby)
On Christmas Day, I saw many families taking photos in front of the huge Christmas tree etc. I decided to go to Christmas mass and asked for directions. As I am very bad with directions, I got lost a few times and every time I asked, I could not find people who know where it is.
After walking around quite a bit near the Hong Kong park where I enjoyed yesterday, I finally got lucky as I found the jogger who gave me simple direction and then ran into two ladies who were also going there. We managed to get to the church about 15 minutes late for the mass.

 The church was packed and many people were waiting for the next service. It was nice to celebrate with so many people. (Quite a few people from the Philippines.) While at the service, I remembered my family and friends who passed away recently. It was sad not to have them around to celebrate together, but Christmas is such a happy time for all of us. So I felt my spirit lifted. (It was another sunny day in Hong Kong.) Here is a short video I made. Enjoy!

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