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iY&V As in the past several years, I was invited to my friend’s house for the family Christmas party.  This year, it was a few days earlier than Christmas day to accommodate some family members’ travel schedule.  (I almost missed it as I had assumed it would be on Christmas day!)  I greatly appreciate the invitation as Christmas is such a family occasion in the U.S.  (like New Year’s in Japan)

As I go there almost every year, I saw many familiar faces and, as always, enjoyed great food–ham and special pie, among others.  This year, we had BBQ, too, which was just so good.

I always find that children grow so much in a year and feel the vitality of  life. (Photo below show them in “play” mood.!)

kids This year I met with some new people and found out the stories of the past year from  my old friends–their trips, their move to the mainland, their change of job etc.  It is casual, friendly and just simply nice. It warms my heart to be with such friendly and nice people.  This is what the Christmas spirit is all about.

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