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As I am in Whistler, British Columbia, I get to see many families with small children.  For example,  many children come to church with their parents for service.  They are so cute and so crazy at the same time.  Most of them find it hard to sit still for an hour and move around, poke others nearby, etc. etc.

At the outdoor concert, I see many children as well.  They run around, try to touch almost everything around them and seem to be never bored or tired.

Whenever I see children, I wonder how the world looks to them.  We often talk about “perspective”, more from the grown-ups view, and from different society, background, culture etc.    I was trying to remember what the world looked like when I was small,  but in vain!

How does the world look to children, and how do they make sense of it?  How do they learn many things they come across?  To children, every day is a new adventure.   They face new people, new things, and new everything.  It must be an exciting (probably scary as well) experience for them.

The world in the 21st century is so new and so different from that of the 20th century.  In that sense, we may be like children who face the new adventure everyday.    We can take it as “scary” or we can take it “another exciting adventure.” Which do you choose?

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