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I have noticed that there seems to be such an importance placed on protecting/nurturing children whenever I am exposed to non-Japanese media.  For example, the situation in Syria is getting very bad to start with. But the news that many children were killed was reported with such an anger and dismay.

I heard that killing children is killing the future of the country and the tone of the news was so strong and powerful that I was almost overwhelmed.  It seems this feeling towards children is (at least) expressed in somewhat different way.

As I wrote on this blog way back, I heard on the news that when 9/11 took place, many parents were worried as to how to tell their children.

I have not quite figured out what it is, but I sense that the feeling and behavior towards children in the society is different in different parts of the world.

It is the youth (and children) that shapes the future of the world.  For that reason only, I think we need to protect and nurture them and give them opportunity for them to get education and to develop their talent to full.

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