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IMG_8132Recently I have noticed that different shaped wine glasses are used. I noticed that airlines use new types (stemless-photo on the left) and now I see them at the condominium that I am staying.
I had thought it was only at certain airlines, but it seems that the trend now is toward this type? My hypothesis for this new? stemless type is due to the possibility of breaking.

PRO-6504_Default_2_200x200 The ones with long stems (photo on the left) tend to break when you put them in dish washer(In fact I broke few when I stayed at the condominiums). It also is less stable particularly for the airplanes where turbulence often happens.
I believe champagne glasses has undergone the change in form, and now flute type is the norm. (It uses to be wide glass-not sure how you call them- but you rarely see them today.)
I suppose things DO change with the time.

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