Today, September 24, was a busy day (finally I have some time to write!) It began with Aikido class after two weeks (and thus I was quite SORE), and the chamber music garden concert at Suntory Hall Blue Rose.
It was the final day of Suntory Hall Chamber Music Garden series and I just made it after the trip to NY. I asked for the ticket from my friend as three Hedenborg brothers whom I met at Vienna Philharmonic orchestra concert last year and K. Isomura whom I met several time were performing.

It was a wonderful 2.5 hours of variety of music and many artists. I was invited to reception afterwards and talked briefly with them as well as other friends. (I wish I could stay longer but I had quite a few things to do including comment on slides, short essay and review of seminar draft whose deadline was today!)
It was wonderful as always I felt that my heart feels so free when listening to music. (At one point, I felt that the blue sky was opening up!) I am fortunate that I enjoy beautiful music. (It seemed that those who were performing were enjoying themselves!)