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CFO Vision 2018 conference  entitled Inclusive Growth, organized by Deloitte Tohmatsu group,  was held at the Imperial Hotel on August 30. (I wrote about it right after it was finished.)  Now the report of the conference (unfortunately in Japanese only) is uploaded on current issue of Diamond Harvard Business Review.(Photo of cover on the left.)   I had pleasure and honor of giving key note speech in the first half of the conference and to moderate the panel  with three CFOs of the companies. As I am not a finance person, i.e. I know quite few CFOs through my executive board membership, but it is not a group I am so familiar with.  But the topic was related to CSR, CSV and SDGs (which are very close to my heart), I did some study of the changing role of CFO in the Fourth  Industrial Revolution and discussed great potential of their new and emerging role and responsibility.   My key note was followed by another key note by Mr. Kikawa, chairman of Yamato Holdings who explained specific activities Yamato has been engaged in this area.  I found his talk very informative and interesting.

In the latter half of the conference, I moderated the panel with 3 CFOs-Mr. Miyamoto of JVC Kenwood, Mr. Takahata of Sumitomo Corporation and Mr. Keller of Nestle Japan. (Photo above) Discussing various issues you encounter when you actually implement the concept was very interesting and they shed some light on the potential and difficulty in making it happen. At the end, Editor in Chief of DHBR, Mr. Otsubo made some final comment.

I am grateful for the opportunity to address a bit different topics from my usual ones (global talent, future of jobs etc.) and get to know CFOs.  For brief description of the symposium, you can go to the link of  Deloitte here.

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