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This evening, I attended the reception of the Japan Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum which is just launched today, July 2. I visited the Center in San Francisco last year and was very inspired by many projects and initiatives underway. I was happy to hear that the Center is to open in Japan and thus postponed my trip to British Columbia to attend the reception.

Many people were there including policy makers, business leaders etc. etc. Explanation of the center was given with the three projects for Japan-Data integrity (not sure the English term), Mobility and Health care.  For the latter two, I understand fully why Japan is expected to lead the project.  For the first one on data, it is not quite clear what outcome is expected.  The data issue is very complex as we discussed at the latest Global Agenda Seminar #3 on June 22.  I understand the intention as we discussed at the Systems Initiatives workshop last October on healthcare about data standardization etc. I am still  not quite sure what would be the expected output and how we get there.  Something I am very much looking forward to finding out.

Besides the reception of the Center, today has been a busy day as Mondays tend to be. I had to complete the draft for the column due today, prepare program for discussion with business executives and pack for the trip starting tomorrow night. ( I am leaving for British Columbia for three weeks to avoid the heat in Tokyo!)


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