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Yesterday, April 19, the celebration for Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa was held in Aoyama.   It was to recognize and appreciate  his great leadership in heading the NAIIC among others.  Many people- policy makers, diplomats, academics, and business people gathered together to hear Dr. K’s speech.  (I missed the first 15 minutes as I was lost depending on Google Maps on my iPhone!, and thus missed remarks by Dr. H. Yoshikawa.

dr&mrsKDr. K’s speech “What Fukushima Commission means for us?” was as inspiring and dynamic as his usual talk.  It was followed by congratulatory remarks by members of the parliament, and the Ambassador of Norway.

It was then the party time, with Dom Perignon champagne, Rindo and other wine from Kenzo Estate accompanying  great food.  It was excellent and fitting occasion to celebrate the series of awards Dr. K received for his work.  They included AAAS Scientific Freedom & Responsibility Award,  100 Top Global Thinkers of 2012 by the Foreign Policy among others.  He was also a keynote speaker at the entrance ceremony at University of Tokyo a week before on April 12. (Photo above of Dr.  & Mrs. K-in red)

I was delighted to participate in such a great & fun party to meet with many people I worked through  Science Council of Japan, Council for Science & Technology Policy, etc.

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with such a dedicated leader with strong commitment for fact-finding, innovation and for creating friendly environment for the youth.  I worked with him as Vice President when he was the President of SCJ, co-authored the book “World class career”, worked for Global Agenda Seminar Series and elsewhere.

I will have an opportunity to be a topic leader for his session “Global Agenda in post Fukushima” in upcoming 43rd St. Gallen Symposium.    As I was listening to his speech, I thought the topic of St. Gallen Symposium “Rewarding Courage – Against the current-courageous people” is so appropriate for his leadership and personal style.

It was such an inspiring and fun Friday evening.  Thanks! Dr. K. for your leadership, as always.

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