December 22 is my father’s birthday.  It is his 90th birthday this year.  As I knew that I would be out of the country, I had sent the birthday card before I left Tokyo.  I also decided to look for the 90th birthday card, as I know that many special  birthday cards are available in the U.S.  To my happy surprise, I found the one for the 90th birthday!  (The cards for the 70th, 75th and 80th birthdays were also available.)

I feel that it does not happen so often to be able to celebrate the 90th birthday of people who are close to you, to start with.  So I am very fortunate that it is for my father!   I was all excited to find the card and sent it today (though it would be a bit late for his birthday.)

The card said  something like ” 90 winters, 90 springs, 90… but there is only one “you” marking 90th!”   I felt so warm reading these words and thought I had to send this to my Dad.

We communicate via e-mail on iPad almost everyday.  He writes that he cannot believe that he is 90 years old!  I am so grateful that he is well at 90 years of age AND he has active life, playing accordion, piano and doing Iai Japanese martial art.  In addition, he takes care of my 85 + year old  mother (his wife) who is very weak, does gr0cery shopping, does laundry and on & on, day in and day out.  He does these things so easily and never takes them so seriously.  He gets things done without making people around him that we owe so much to him.    He says that he is getting a bit weak, but he still loves driving.

I am so grateful for his high energy level and attitude to take life easy.  I wish to follow his footsteps  “Like father, Like daughter!