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My Dad celebrated his 96th birthday on December 22. In the past few years, I always hosted birthday party towards the year end with cousins and friends. This year, I invited them early on with the date fixed, so 7 came, which was the biggest number. (Not enough chairs for sit down lunch, so we changed to buffet style.)
Dad loves EEL (UNAGI), so we made it one of the main courses together with chicken etc. They brought champagne, cake, salad, etc. and I cooked some.
We began celebration with champagne toast and sang “Happy Birthday” together. He seemed very happy with many people. (He had a good appetite and finished eel and cake among other things.) I am delighted that he and we enjoyed happy time together.
Here is a short video I made with voice over in English. Enjoy! It is entitled “My Dad is 96 years YOUNG!) (years was missing!)

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