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Few days ago I met with a young lady, sophomore at university, scheduled to go to the US for study.  She contacted me a month or so ago,  as she wanted to interview me for the article read by young people.  She had read some of my books and blog, tweet, etc.

We met as I realized that my response to her has been in my mail Draft folder for some time, and I wanted to clean them.  (I am in the mood to clean up a lot of things–including materials I have used for classes, seminars, reports I received etc. in my study, and my clothes in closets I no longer wear!)

I asked her whether she could come to Hiyoshi as I had some time during the Golden Week, and we agreed to meet.  We had a very nice talk, her asking me questions what I did when I was at college, what I encourage young people do, etc.

I was happy to share some of my experiences and my suggestions.  But I remind myself that they live in the age which is totally different from my days.  I believe I mentioned it to her (I usually make a point that my experience several decades ago will NOT help their actions now, whether we talk about going overseas to study, working at consulting firm etc. )

I hope my message (particularly, the part that my experience is not relevant in many aspects to what the youth can do today!) got conveyed.  (It is the matter of my communications skills.  You have to let others understand what you are trying to say!)


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