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After 18- hour day yesterday with many things to think about the career, I spent most of today just  catching up. As I have two seminars on Friday AND the deadline for materials and logistics was due this morning, I was busy doing that.  In addition, I had several bills to pay (It is great to be able to pay online), and print out statements for several months.  (As this is November 1, I set up to take care of some e-statement and found out that I have not done so for the past few months!)

Then I responded to some invitations to the reception, conference etc. which have been piled up while away.  I make it a rule to respond ASAP, and quick decisions need to be made.  It is quite simple as I send Regrets to all that  I simply cannot do as I have either  commitment I have already made or too tight a schedule.  (The days are over when I go from one place to another one evening!)

I also want to take care of papers when they need to be filled out.  They include application for teaching assistant appointment, various documents for tax purposes etc.  I am usually quite good at getting things done then and there.  It is because I am afraid I will forget if I wait any longer.  If I make a decision or take an action, I can forget about it!

Before I had three meetings in the afternoon, my desk is almost clear and all my mail was sent out, bills paid.  It is a nice feeling, and I am going to enjoy the moment while it lasts. (I can tell that piles will start soon!)

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