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stratphotoToday, we had the last class of “Business Strategy in the era of Drastic Change” at KMD.  (I had written about the class several times on this  blog such as group presentation connecting four different locations! and counseling session.)  As I wanted to get reactions/suggestions from the students to the course in casual manner, we decided to have lunch together.  Two teaching assistants arranged for pizza, sushi, salad, etc.  with drinks. (Photo on the left taken at the end of the class!)

After we ate and students talked with each other in casual style, I asked students their frank opinions about the course.  I changed the content and format of the course quite drastically this year AND we had  a diverse group of students–KMD, CEMS and GID–I was eager to find out how they found the course.  We also had the support of  several companies who came to present, counsel and give us feedback.  So I wanted to find out how students liked having company representatives. Majority of students loved having “people in the real world.”  So did I and I am so grateful to the  companies for their generosity.

We conducted most of the sessions in very interactive, discussion style (it is easier to do it in English for some reason, I find!) and today was no exception.  I received many great comments.  It was also good that students did not quite agree with use of certain format.   I am very excited to incorporate many of their suggestions and design a new course again in the first half of spring.  (As it stands now, I will teach only  this course after I retire from KMD in March.)

Probably I am the one that enjoyed and got most out of the course.  It is always fun to learn new things with young people and try new ideas.

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