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 When I am overseas, in particular, in the U.S., I come across with total strangers making light joke and getting engaged in easy conversation.  About a week ago when I was in NYC when it was bitterly cold (20 degrees F), I was on the hotel elevator in my athletic gear (i.e. t shirts, shorts, iPod and a cap) when a couple all bundled up in heavy coat started asking me.  The man said “You are not going outside with that?” My response, “Just a bit too cold out and I am not ready to go out with this gear on.”  He replied, “We are not sure whether WE are ready to go out.” We laughed and parted. 

 This morning at the fitness center of the hotel I am staying, another casual exchange took place.  When I turned on TV in the fitness center (they do NOT have machines with the TV screen here!) to find out the weather and news while I was on the tread mill, the man who was lifting weights said, “Yeah, we need some distraction!”  My response, “We need something to keep going!” We both know it is not that easy to do exercise early in the morning!

 This type of exchange is very easy, makes me smile and feel somewhat happy for the rest of the day. Nothing serious, nothing heavy, but a light exchange of words with some sense of humor.  This is what makes overseas trips fun, despite the delayed flights, misplaced luggage and missed connections.

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