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In the past, I have joined the Cartier Women’s Initiative event  both in Japan and in Dubai.  On July 18, Wednesday, there will be a seminar at Ochanomizu University  entitled “Dare My First Step to change the world-Lessons from global women entrepreneurs” inviting two finalists of the Cartier Women Initiative Award 2018 (YIDING YU from North America on the right and KRISTINA TSVETANOVA from Europe).  This will be a great opportunity for those interested in finding out how women entrepreneurs have begun their career, how to get ideas for start-up to change the world from the people with actual experience.

Cartier has been supporting Women Initiative Award throughout the world in the past and it has definitely made some impact.  I have had great opportunity to moderate the panel with finalists and women entrepreneurs from Japan in the past and get to know them.

I am out of the country now and will NOT be able to join the session on July 18, but I strongly recommend those who are interested in something new and different to check it out.  Here is information about the event.

In addition, application for the award 2019 is now open.  For details, check this site.  Applying for these awards make us think about how and what we can do to change the world.  For those who already have started, this is a great opportunity to test your endeavor.  My philosophy is always “Go for it!” as nothing happens unless you give it a try.  Hope you go to the seminar (if you are available), and even not, think about the application for the award 2019!

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