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I am scheduled to give a talk at Tokyo International Exchange Center Career Forum tomorrow, Feb. 3.  It will be held at TIEC Plaza Heisei.  I believe I have been to the area several times as it is in Odaiba. When I was teaching at ICS, some international students lived in the area.

The admission to the event will start at 14:30 and my talk will be around 15:00 or so.   I will talk about the changing landscape of jobs and career  throughout the world. and factors affecting it. I will probably touch upon the need to have different perspectives, skills and approach to the jobs now that the world is undergoing unprecedented transformation. I may discuss my own experience of lifelong learning.

My talk will be about 45 minutes or so, including Q & A.  Whenever I address the international audience(as compared with the Japanese), I get many questions, so I hope it will be the same tomorrow.  I would also like to find out what kind of things international students and alumni are now interested.

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  1. February 3rd, 2019


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