As I wrote earlier, we will have session #9 of Davos Experience in Tokyo Series on Friday, November 8.  The topic for this session is “How can we have good career and good family?”  I feel very strongly about the importance of this topic, now that I spent a week with my step son’s family in New York City.  He and his wife have three children-my grandkids-aged 9, 7 and 4.  As I spent considerable time with them during the week, going to the Family Party at Museum of Natural History, playing with the grandkid using iPad, etc., I am amazed how professionals in NYC have tried to balance their career and family.

Whenever I go to the events for the kids, I see many young couples attending and having fun with kids.  They (in particular, fathers) know so much about their kids -their everyday life, interest, friends etc..  (In fact, I have noticed that many Broadway shows has father-son relationship as important part of the stories–” Big Fish”, “Kinky Boots” or “Lion King”.)

Japan is known for the longest overtime work hours in the world, leaving so little time to fathers (in particular) to get to know their children while they are growing up.  I hear that many years ago, the fathers did not know about kids much in the US either, but it has changed quite a bit.

Reflecting what I found out during my stay in NY, I feel this topic of having both career and family life is very important for us all, regardless of gender or age.  I am excited to discuss this topic at our next session of Davos.. in Tokyo.

This topic is NOT limited to women, though the fact that Japan is ranked 105 in Gender Gap Report 2013 by the World Economic Forum published recently is not good.

Please check our website as to how you can join us on November 8 to discuss and hopefully take some actions on the issue.  You can now vote Yes or No to the question listed on the website and make comments.  You can join us either real or virtual on the day by going to the website and register.

If you want to check what the event looks like, go to the past session section of the website.  You can watch youtube of our sessions including the one on Education & Technology in September.  We will be looking forward to your participation.