Recently, I came across with several incidents which make me re-think “care.” The first is the Talk I heard at TEDxTokyo by Debbie Howard. She shared her own experience of caring for her mother and talked about the importance of talking about the care early on in the family.
Then at the last session of Global Agenda Seminar series 2016, I talked about the need for “imagination” when we discussed our last assignment of “your story at the 100-year reunion.” I talked about my 94 year old Dad who sometimes seems to be in his own imaginary world (in almost the same way as my grand kids in the US). I mentioned that I need some imagination to figure out what he means.
img_1712Last night I visited him at his senior residence to have dinner there. Though I called before to say that I was coming, he had thought that some more relatives would come to join us. I did not understand what he meant. I was not sure whether he actually invited some relatives (few times he was right when he told me that relatives visited), but rather than arguing, I decided to call my cousin whom he said he invited. It turned out that it was his imagination, but needed a bit of convincing.
img_1714As I was not too tired or uptight to take time to listen to his story, we ended up having nice dinner (just two of us) as always. He did not say anything about “no show” of relatives.
As I encounter these incidents (Dad imagining things, confused about many things), I realise how overwhelming it could be to care for people. It requires some planning (as Debbie said), patience, touch of imagination and sense of humour.