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canadian-pacific-womens-open-logoI am going to Coquitlam, where Vancouver Golf club hosts Canadian Pacific Women’s Open this weekend.  As I spent fun weekend with my friends in Sunshine Coast in July, we talked about my visit with my friends when the Open is held.  (Their place is close to Vancouver Golf Club.)  As we checked the details, the dates worked well, so I will about 150km from Whistler to Coquitlam, watch the tournament and stay with my friends. Will report details later.

IMG_6883IMG_6881 It took about 2 hours to drive to Coquitlam to watch CPWOpen.  Six of us decided to follow Canadian players and tried to catch Brooke Henderson who teed off first Saturday.(walking on the right)  We caught up around 12 hole and followed her to tee box, second shot, and green.  We finally settled at 18 hole green and watched many players coming up.  (Total of 5 hours!)  Leaders teed off at 2:40 pm and we decided to watch them at home, sipping beer!  (It turned out watching on big screen TV was more comfortable than standing in the sun-We walked 10km+ altogether!)

IMG_6889 5 ladies showed up later to join us the feast.  Some worked as volunteers at the CPWOpen from 7:30 a.m. on and were ready for the fun time.  One of my friends is a great cook and she cooked feast for us.  We ate, drank, talked, laughed.  Fun time.

Lydia Ko won the CPW Open by play off over Stacy Lewis.  It was her third victory and she is even 18 years old!  (She won the first three years ago as amateur!)   I was rooting for Candie Kung who co-led for a while.  Many Asian players as well as European…  It is international!

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