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p1000693.JPG  I happened to arrive in British Columbia on July 1, Canada Day and stayed through July 4, Independence Day of the United States. (I believe British Columbia Day is coming up in early August!)     
Compared with Canada Day which seems to be a good day to relax and enjoy BBQ outside, 4th of July seems to be quite a big event. 

  Partly due to the fact I lived in the U. S. and have many friends there, I am aware of the special events and things to do on July 4 more so than Canada or BC Day.

   This year, it fell on Friday and thus, it was a long weekend. Many people seemed to have taken even Thursday (July 3) off and went away to spend time with families and friends.  It is in the summer and great day to enjoy good weather, BBQ outside and above all, Fireworks.  There are many outdoor concerts etc. which usually start with the National Anthem and finish with spectacular Fireworks.  

  I personally think Japanese fireworks are the best in the world, but the one on Independence Day is also quite remarkable. Watching fireworks and spending time outdoor is such a great way to spend the Independence Day of the country. 

  Summer seems to have a special meaning,  outside of Japan, whether you are in the North America or in Scandinavia. (I came across with a lot of fun things to do while they have White Nights!)

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