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davosabe6Session No. 5 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series will be held on Friday, June 21.  The title of this session is “Shaping the image/perception: How do you respond to the question, “Can Japan change?”

We form the image/perception of the country, company, and/or organization by articles & reports with data  describing the facts about them.  Often times, however, we find ourselves form the impression through our direct contact with people of the country etc., some events, and some other personal experiences.   We sometimes call them “moments of truth.”

Now that we have so many different media available to communicate. we may find ourselves to be in the position to shape the image/perception.  For example, we may be asked by the established media(such as TV, radio etc.) on the street, and/or given the opportunity to participate in the online poll or virtual debate.

At our “ Tokyo” session in June, we want to think about how the image is formed, how we can actively participate in the process etc.  We thought that the issue of change/transformation of Japan is  topical as many different views have been expressed about Abenomics, etc.

We want many of you to come and join the session on June 21.  Register now through the link. If you are not able to come to the venue, we will host virtual discussion as before.  In addition, we are taking a poll for the question, “Can Japan change?”  By casting your vote and joining our discussion board, you will be able to participate now.  Please go to the link, register if you can AND cast your vote (which you can find at the bottom of the website.)   We are very much looking forward to your joining us-whether through website, vote, and/or being there. Here is the outline of the session on June 21.davos5en

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