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 I happened to listen to the interview with the author who wrote an audio book on Caffein this morning on Fresh Air, my daily podcast.  I had seen the article (heading, to be exact) the other day that the number of caffein addiction has increased among young people (I believe this was the story in Japan) and one of the causes for more cases of caffein addiction is because of energy drink that contains considerable amount of caffein.  It was pure coincidence that two stories on coffee & caffein hit me.

I am one of those who cannot get started without a cup of coffee and the appliance/device I use most often at home is coffee maker & Nespresso machine. So the interview caught my attention and I found out that coffee helps us concentrate/focus, but makes our sleep lighter.  I was intrigued by the research & experiment the author of the audio book did.  That is,  to stay from coffee 100% for three months to find out the effect of coffee and the nature of addiction. The author hypothesized that coffee has some mental (and probably physical) effect on us, such as making us more alert etc. and it is one of the addictions.  He survived three months of NO  coffee though he experienced withdrawal symptoms here and there.  The euphoria he felt he had coffee after three months was so vivid that I could feel his joy.  (In fact, I feel smaller scale of euphoria when I have grande latte after no coffee throughout the morning, for the preparation of medical test.)  I also found out that coffee in the morning has the effect of cutting withdrawal symptom just about the right time.

I searched the name of the author and the audio book and  found it. It is Michael Pollan’s audio book. How Coffee created the Modern World.  I downloaded it (it is audio book only) and started listening.  (It is 2 hr book).  Compared with the interview, it has more academic material, but has some interesting stories.  (I have NOT listened to audio book for a while, but may resume it as I find it convenient and easy to follow.)  Here is the link to the audio book.

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