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Week  of Nov. 18 starting tomorrow,  is quite full with many meetings, events, deadline, doctor’s appointment etc. Some of them are back to back and I need to move very quickly from one place to another. As I learned a lesson in the past few weeks that I tend to mix up place/time etc. etc., I made quite detailed plan.

As it stands, I have three early morning meetings and day  trip to Fukuoka. The days I have multiple meetings at multiple places are bit confusing, but I hope (I am sure!) I can manage.

Tomorrow, Monday will be a LONG day and Wednesday is a big day as I have one deadline, as well as doctor’s appointment and forum after that.

Recently, I find I get tired when I have  early morning meetings all the way to dinner.  Thus, I try to avoid dinner appointment when I have early morning meetings on the day or the following day, as much as possible.  I need to get some sleep!  (When it comes to sleep, it is quite interesting that a few years ago those in tech sector were proud to get by with few hours or sleep.  They were competing against each other how few hours of sleep they need!  Things changed!  Now people emphasize the importance of sleep!

BTW, having many inquiries and requests forces you to prioritize.  It may be a good opportunity to realize what you value in life.

I used to be very quick in decisions and once I make a decision, I rarely  reflect.  These days, I find myself not decide quickly enough and end up getting caught in dilemma. (The trip to Istanbul was one of the examples and so is another overseas trip in early December.  I canceled them all and felt much better. I should have given up much earlier than wait. Time passes and will never come back. Thus it is better to take an action than wait. Besides,   I am fortunate that in many cases I am the one who decides. …


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