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Today, July 26, has been a very busy day, It is the last day of LONG weekend, and I had planned two online zoom meetings.  One is Online Idobata I host every Sunday with my friends, and the other is SINCA online dialogue session in the evening.

In fact, the SINCA session which just finished at 10:00 was one of the best sessions in recent months, I thought.  We had five topics and five breakout rooms for discussion.  After about 50 minute breakout discussion, each group reported back their discussion and take aways.  The way they discussed during the breakout session (I dropped by all the breakout groups while they were discussing) (Photos on the left)

General discussion after the breakout session was very interesting as well.  I am very impressed with the progress the participants have made and am delighted.

Apart from the activities, the weather today has been very volatile or busy. (not sure whether you can use the term, busy, to describe weather!)

It started with pouring rain in the morning. It was so bad that I could not even try jumping rope just under the roof of our apartment complex.  No way to jog in the pouring rain.  However, about half an hour later, the sun came out. In about half an hour, pouring rain started again.  So I could not tell whether I can go out for bike ride, jog or walk.  Later in the evening, I heard the thunderstorm. Perfect? finish for the busy day?

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