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Today, Wednesday, August 7, turned out to be a busy day for me. I received the edited version of my draft for the Japan Times I had revised  and sent yesterday.  I needed to review it and responded to the question that the editor posed, but I did not have time to do that before I left for Squamish. I had i promised to play 18 holes of golf with my friends from North Vancouver (today was just about the only day which  worked for all of us), and thus drove to Squamish (some 60 km away)  It took about an hour to do so.(See the photo on the left. We have been playing at least once a year!)

We decided to ride  rather than walk 18 holes, as it was so warm.  It was a good decision that I did not have to walk in the heat.  The weather stayed quite nice, though, as it was  warm but with nice breeze.  I usually do not play 18 holes, but managed to do so. (These ladies from Canada play golf twice-three times a week, and found the 18 holes walking no problem!)

We managed to play, in some 5 hours and I had to turn around and drove back without our regular ice latte etc. at Starbucks. I am glad I left immediately, as it took good 1 hour to drive back to Whistler, give me time to review materials for the board meetings and get ready technically.. (We use fixed phone for the first meeting and zoom for the second one.)

I had to leave the first meeting in half an hour and joined the second one which lasted close to 3 hours.  It is very convenient to join board meetings held in Tokyo via phone or zoom from almost anywhere in the world.    I am relieved as both went OK.  I believe this is all for the teleconference I need to do while I am in British Columbia.

Next step is to prepare for the business trip to Baia and San Paulo, Brazil.

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