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I brought home two bouquet of flowers today.  In the morning, I was interviewed (or rather talk  with) by Takashi Takeda of AVECfl (1)AVEC Lab for the online article.  I had known him for some time-first time right after he started his business many years ago. I was very impressed with his book on Social Media (unfortunately in Japanese) and our exchange resumed few years ago.

I felt very honored when he asked for the talk as I have found his talk with people very inspiring and insightful.  As expected, I had a lot of fun talking with him.  I learned a lot, too.  He gave me beautiful flowers to congratulate my retirement.(photo on the left)

Then I went to have lunch with my friends near Roppongi.  They worked as executive assistant at GRIPS and they always arranged  meetings and set up appointment when I had some business there.  A few weeks ago, they made an arrangement for dinner at the restaurant I came to like very much.  As I learned that they had not been to the restaurant, we decided to have lunch there.  It required a bit of planning, but we made it today.

Gripsfl It was great food (the restaurant was packed!) and I enjoyed our casual talk.  They gave me lovely flowers (left photo) to congratulate my retirement!

So I have many flowers at my apartment.  It brightens up my day, particularly,after I had a scare yesterday when I received a call from medical team informing me that my 92 year old father fell and hit the head.(He seems to be OK, except stitches above his right eye and some bruises. )

These few days have been quite hectic, but things seem to settle down.  Before we know it, it will be Golden Week holidays…  I plan to relax and do as little as possible!!!

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