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Today, July 30 was another day with full schedule. First item was the board meeting for the 2nd quarter result and it was the first time for me to attend the board meeting at the office (I joined via zoom last time from British Columbia.)  After the board meeting, I came back home to sort documents and replied inquiries etc.

Late afternoon, I went to Intercity Hall in Shinagawa for the SDGs conference 2019 organized by Toyo Keizai publishing company.  I went to the wrong conference hall near Shinagawa station, as I did not check the information, and could not find our conference.  It was good I arrived early enough to check and go to the right place. (It was quite a way from the Shinagawa station., too)   I ran into two ICS alumni on my way and at the venue, which is always nice.

It was the “talk” of orthodox lecture style, with some 300 people.  I wish I had asked my friend to take a photo of my talk, but I did not!.  After the 40 min. talk, I met with some people who gave me their name cards.  I felt quite relieved as it was the last item on my  To do list for today.

I then went to Maiji Jingu mae WeWork for the first time, to discuss possibilities to hold the SINCA session there with my friend.  We discussed several potential topics and there seems to be shared interest on a few of them.  I really liked the cozy and comfortable space of WeWork. (I hope we can host the session there sometime soon.) That meeting concluded my agenda for the day.

The stay was just one week this time, but it was a very productive week for me.  I suffered from the heat/humidity, particularly after cooler and dry climate in British Columbia, which made me feel tired.  In terms of activities, I am quite satisfied with the conference, meetings, workshops and seminars. After I join BBC Business Matters tomorrow morning, I will pack and leave for British Columbia (and then onto Salvador/Sao Paolo, Brazil.)

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