Today, December 29, the second day of 9-day vacation was busy, but fun day with family and friends.  I went to have lunch with my Dad at his senior residence.  After giving some thought as to what to bring to have lunch with him at his room (he had a bit of fever yesterday and we decided to eat in his room instead of going to restaurant), I decided to go with McDonald.  It was something different for him and at the same time what I wanted to eat.  We split cheese burger and egg cheese burger and he ate them all. It tasted good (these fast food tastes good when you try it once in a while).  He ate the small cake I brought, too.

After lunch with him, I went to Omote sando to pick up roast chicken and other things for get together with friends. I invited those who have helped me with SINCA among other things. We had champagne, two bottles of white wine(one from Israel) and one bottle of red.  It was fun time and we talked about many interesting things that we see today.  I will write more soon, as I am just about to collapse after getting up at 4 am this morning, active all day and some wine!