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IMG_7340Students at KMD who are taking my Strategy course had two group presentations in the past 5 days. As I had two overseas trips in October, we arranged two group projects while I was away. Students were formed into six groups each for two projects–the first was on business/project proposal to address social issues (in Ghana, Peru and Brazil) and was done last Thursday, November 5. The second one was a business plan using IoT and was presented this afternoon.
IMG_7342 (1)Both projects were made possible with the help and support of IBM Japan and IBM teams came twice each for the session and for the group presentation. They asked questions as well as made comments, give feedback to each team. (I give feedback to groups for any group project, but this time, I am quite behind as my days have been so hectic with so many different activities…–will catch up soon!)
Both presentations were done very well (we even had get-together after the fist one last Thursday), with students working so hard.
Today’s presentation showed how creative and innovative students are with prototypes, video etc. It was excellent that all the teams discussed business feasibility.
As I see their work, I am reminded how creative the young generation are and how easy they use different technology and media. I wish I could do that, too!

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