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 This morning I heard about “burn-out” on my way to the office.  I was listening to the business news podcast and they discussed the burn-out syndrome.  I missed some parts, but what I gathered was the following.

  If you are not excited about what you do,  feeling tired and getting unproductive because you are constantly pressed for time, you may be showing the sign of burn-out.  If you do, you need to stop what you do and to reflect so that you can shift gears.   

   Quite a while ago, I recall that I heard about burn-out often at Investment banking, managing consulting etc., but not very recently.  It appears that with the pace of change so fast and with the high volatility of the world in general, almost all the people are pressed for time and it was nothing new! 

   Probably, it is time for us to recall burn-out syndrome.  It may be good for us to stop and reflect.  Life must be fun and exciting.

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