Yesterday, (October 6), I gave  a brief key note presentation entitled “Village Tourism under New Normal-Challenges and Opportunities”.  This is a part of the 3-day program “Digital Multi-country Program on Training of Trainers on Village Tourism Development”.  It is hosted by Indonesia and APO is supporting the program.

I had the privilege to give Productivity Talk on Service Sector at APO in June and talked a little about tourism industry as good example.  At that time, this program was to take place in Indonesia, assuming that Covid-19 is under control..  Given the present situation, the program was offered online.

My role was to give broad perspective from global and Asia, and to discuss some specific examples if any.  The topic is quite different from those I am often asked to give recently, i.e. “Business Strategy for With Corona era” “How to address SDGs in the face of Covid-19” and I had to recall my talk on Productivity of Service Sector in June and find some examples.  I managed to find some specific examples – In addition to “Go to Travel” campaign, which is  Public/Partner collaboration for tourism in Japan  (with the issue of excluding/including Tokyo), I picked three  examples.  They are Microtourism proposed and implemented by Hoshino Resort company, initiative in Kanazawas to go back to the original value of the area and use of Avaar/NewMe for local retailers in distant areas to connect directly with consumers i big cities.

My talk turned out to be a bit too long vs. assigned time, but together with Q & A, I enjoyed the opportunity.  I also appreciated the talk before me, explaining the status of Indonesia and application of digital.

The program continues until tomorrow and the video of the sessions will be available after some time.  I will keep you posted.

I have been to Indonesia several times in the past few years  and hope I have a chance to visit the country in the near future as soon as Covid-19 is contained.