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I was interviewed by Thomson Reuters journalist on Wednesday last week about “long work hours and work style reform” etc. (which seems to be a favourite topic these days as yesterday’s paper had articles on the front page!). They shot video during the interview.
I heard from two people I know that the show (which includes very brief quote from me with rather sleepy looking me!) was broadcast in Singapore and in Taiwan. The main focus is long work hours, and I talked briefly about how long work hours does not help productivity and/or innovation which is what we need.   You can take a look here.

 In fact, we discussed how we spend time at Davos.. in Tokyo Friday evening and I shared how I spent past four days.(table on the left)  I do not call my days over work, as I have control of how I spend time AND I enjoy what I do.  (which is very related to what we discussed on Friday. )

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