I am now at Vancouver airport lounge, waiting for my flight back to Tokyo.  I had a fun meeting with the university student from Japan who is now studying at UBC.  I received a note from him (who knew another friend of mine I met at Symposium a few years ago), asking whether we can meet while I am in Vancouver area.

I could not respond, as in the first half of my stay in BC, my health was not great and I had series of conference calls with Japan, and the latter half was spent, preparing materials for the seminars scheduled this coming week.  Finally, as I figured I could meet with him at the airport right before I leave, if he is available, I sent him a note.

We were fortunate as he just came back from bike trip yesterday and was able to make it today.  So we met at Starbucks, talked about how he likes UBC, what he is studying, etc.  We also talked about the topics I will be discussing this week.  It was very helpful for me as I was able to explain some of my ideas about the topics as he was listening  and responding.  (It is always better if you explain your thought to others to crystallize your thinking and to develop a story which is easy to follow for the audience.)

So we ended up talking for about 1. 5 hours.  It was brief and made possible at the last minute (we exchanged note yesterday!), but was fun meeting for me.   I appreciate his coming to the airport on Sunday to meet me.  I also appreciate our mutual friend for introduction.