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img_1864After some rest last night (I was coming down with cold? with some fever and ache everywhere!), I joined breakfast meeting this morning with Mayor Mirjam van ‘t Veld, Sabine Gimbrere, director of international office of the city of Amsterdam and Miho Nishimoto, policy office of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland, together with Kaori Sasaki, my friend. We met before to discuss status of the both countries regarding diversity etc. and potential collaboration. It was fun breakfast and I received a very nice gift of scarf? with some smart gadget.
Then I spent some 3 hours preparing the slides for the key note speech scheduled in the afternoon as a part of “Logistics Solution Seminar” for the business executives. As these past 10 days saw unexpected events, I wanted to change story line and slides.
After the seminar, I came back to Roppongi Hills for the preparation meeting on skills development series on IT and cloud. It was very helpful and we spent 1.5 hours discussing various ideas.(Photo is Christmas tree at the Roppongi Hills.)
It is interesting to find out that I gain energy back when I give a talk, probably with adrenalin flow. Now I feel fine (though a bit tired after getting up at 5:30!)
I will have a full day tomorrow, starting with the breakfast forum, followed by interviews and meetings, so I need to keep my adrenalin flow going. (despite the fact that I now have stomach flu!?)
When you are an independent producer/free lancer, you should always “show up” to deliver. There is NO “no show” in my book!

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