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gfc-education-gender-and-work-pic-1Our Global Futures Council on Education, Gender and Work includes as one of the major topics, “Advancing care economy.” As Japan is fast ageing and I am one of the 25% of the population causing the strain in care for funding and people, I take it as my own issue.
In addition, I have seen my father who is 94 years old and his neighbours at his senior residence age, somewhat in front of my eyes.
My finding and suggestion for now is that you need to have a break when you care for the elderly, whether they are your parents or friends. They do talk about same things and ask same questions over and over again during the conversation even if it is 10 minutes. They forget things immediately. It almost looks that they live in one world (40 years ago), then another (20 years ago) and now, all mixed up. You need all the patience and kindness to deal with these questions and quick change of worlds.  In order to do so, you need good sleep, and relaxed and peaceful mind. (I do not discuss money matters here.)
When you have experience of dealing with these issues day in and day out, and 24/7, you almost lose mind yourself.
img_1882My father lives in very nice senior residence and with many nice people, so I meet them about once a week when we eat dinner together. When I am tired from work etc. and feel stressed out before I meet with them, I find it difficult to be patient and nice. I cannot imagine how people care for their parents etc. if they live in the same house. You cannot ignore them, and they may start asking more. No wonder many people leave work to take care of them. You simply cannot be on call 24/7 and work.

This is becoming such an issue for the whole world as we have longer life expectancy. We need creative and innovative ideas and experiment with many different solutions as it seems each one of us age in a different way at different speed.  We need trial and error to find what works best.  We need actions, and not talk.
If you are young, you need to think long term about how you live your 100 year life. I you are getting closer to the “age”, you do not have much time, but need to think how you spend life giving care and receiving care. Ageing and care issue is in our face… and will NOT go away.

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  1. Great post,
    For me this is really interesting topic and I am glad to find this blog. I like the way you describe the above topic and your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your experience and educational thinks in this post. 🙂

    • yishikura
    • November 22nd, 2016

    Hi, Richard, thanks for your kind words.

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