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Are you interested in acting as brand manager for Japan in the world?  That is the topic for Davos… in Tokyo to be held a week away on February 7.   Sochi Olympics is just about 10 days away and the national team of Japan, I believe, has left for Sochi.  Many people are very excited about the Winter Olympics and are looking forward to the great event where top athletes of the world compete.

Compared with the focus on competition in Japan, safety & security in Sochi, has been often reported in the English media these days, due to the terrorist threats during the games.  People are concerned about how safety and security is ensured when many people gather in Sochi.

In this context, we focus on “safety” of Japan as branding topic this time.  Safety is like “air” and we tend to take for granted.  And yet, safety could be a strong appeal of Japan.  So a week from today, we want you to think of the way to appeal  “safety” of Japan to the world audience.  How would you define safety and what kind of story would you tell, if you are to become a brand manager of Japan?

We plan to have fun time, asking you to play with toys and other gadgets to think of the concept of your appeal and to develop a few minute-commercial.  In other words, we want you to recall the days when you were a child and try many different ideas.

For online discussion, I will serve as facilitator and will share with you the different approaches I see of branding of the countries.  So check details and register through this website.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

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